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When in Paris by Redace for @threenimonsongallifrey



A Mind in Pieces by PresidentRomana for @irving-braxiatel 

Endings and Beginnings by Irving-Braxiatel for @songofgallifrey 

Ground Zero by FlameofUtterBoredom for presidentromana

Picture us by songofgallifrey for @spazzbot

The Price of Art by threenimonsongallifrey for @theflameofutterboredom

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Yes, unlike Narvin, More Politics has regenerated!  I'll be taking over from Aralias and since the fandom’s changed and grown since 2013, this exchange will also be a little different. It'll be hosted on Ao3, through their Collection mechanism but I'll be posting updates and answering questions on both this and the tumblr blog. 

·         March 1st: Sign Ups Open

·         March 14th: Sign Ups Close

·         March 15th- 21stAssignments go out

·         April 25th: Assignments due

·         May 2nd: Pinch Hits due

·         May 9th: Story Reveals (may change if pinch hits need more time, I’d like to ensure everyone has at least one gift before going live)

Want to know more? Check out the new Rules and FAQ  before signing up 

Pinch Hit

Mar. 12th, 2013 12:23 pm
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Hello! If you've been enjoying watching the challenge, but have not
participated, here's your chance! We need one nice, easy pinch-hit for
a participating writer.

If you agree to pinch hit, your fic or art doesn't need to be in until
April 12th.


* Fic Prompt 1: Age of Sail AU! Get Brax in there as an
oh-so-civilised but still infamous privateer, Narvin as ye old Naval
officer with a stick up his arse. Leela as a terrifying pirate
captain. Points if Leela is mixed-race and grew up in one of the
Caribbean tribes (Carib, Arawak, Caquetio, etc), and therefore has
righteous rage against the colonising European bastards. Or not, if
you don't want to delve into, you know, serious issues of historical
racism. It could be a romp instead! I have no idea how to get Romana
in there; I will leave that up to you.

* Fic Prompt 2: Politics-- council meetings, addresses, debates-- with
one of the other OT4 under the table trying their very hardest to
break the other's concentration. Any pairing you fancy; go wild.

* Fic Prompt 3: Leela and Narvin somehow being stuck out in the wild.
Maybe they're on a mission to somewhere off-world and get stuck, maybe
it's during S4 with the Gallifrey-hopping, but the upshot is that
Leela has to teach Narvin how to not get either of them killed.


* Art Prompt 1: I actually would love to see an Age of Sail AU in art
too. Because costume!porn.

* Art Prompt 2: Leela/Brax, in the form of Leela curled around behind
him with her knife to his throat. Omnom, kinky

* Art Prompt 3: AUs and costume!porn apparently, are my thing right
now, but I really want to see Romana and Leela out on the town in the
20's. The boys can join if they want,

Contact me via comment or DM before March 15th if you'd like to give it a go.


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Hi all,

This is just a reminder that the Masterlist is mostly complete now \o/ Check it out and enjoy teh stuff produced here.

We have one more story still to come.
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Hello all! Welcome to the Gallifreyathon masterlist. It's pretty empty at the moment, but hopefully it'll fill up over the next three days.

You can post from now until 12pm on Monday the 25th wherever you are. If you don't think you'll manage to get your fic or podfic in by then, please let me know and don't panic! Deadline extensions are available, but since it's a gift-exchange I'd like to let the person you're ficcing/podficcing for know. At the moment nobody has told me that they have to drop out, so I hope and believe all is well.

Stuff about the masterlist:

After you've posted your work at your own journal/wherever, please comment with the following information, so it can be linked below:

Your LJ name
A direct link to your story/art/podfic (no a href tags, just http//: etc)
Main characters and rating
Who you created it for
Warn for series 5 spoilers

Cross-posting is encouraged!


On Her Tip-Toes by [personal profile] neveralarch for universal-invariant [RebornAU!Romana, Antonin | PG]
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by universal-invariant for [personal profile] diabolicalfiend [Romana, Leela, Braxiatel, Narvin | PG]
Collective Instinct by [personal profile] diabolicalfiend for [personal profile] neveralarch [Brax/Leela | NC-17]
Context by [personal profile] janeturenne for [personal profile] leviafan [Brax, Romana | G]

The Importance of Being On Stage, read by [personal profile] hobbit_feets for [personal profile] aralias [Brax, Romana, Leela, Narvin, 8th Doctor | PG]
Five Times Lord Braxiatel Had Occasion to Regret The Doctor’s Exile Very Deeply Indeed (And One Time He Wished The Doctor Would Just Sod Off Forever) read by [personal profile] hobbit_feets (written by [personal profile] x_los) for [personal profile] aralias [Braxiatel, Susan, Delgado!Master, Four, Five, Tegan, Turlough, Ainley!Master, Six, Peri, Evelyn, Romana II, Leela, Narvin, Eight, Benny | Doctor/Master PG]

Gallifrey and the twenties by [ profile] gluecookie for [ profile] hobbit_feets [Romana/Leela/Braxiatel/Narvin | G]

‘Til Ancient Alien Ceremony Do Us Part by [personal profile] aralias for [personal profile] janeturenne [Benny/Jason, some Benny/Brax | PG]
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Hello all - This is just a friendly [community profile] morepolitics reminder that you have 13-15 days left! (That's a perfectly sensible time slot to remind people about).
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Prompts should have gone out to all.

Let me know if you don't have a set of prompts or if you really don't want to write/podfic any of the prompts I've sent you.
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Hi everyone. Sign-ups have officially closed!

I'll be sending out assignments hopefully some time tomorrow. Please remember to reply to your assignment email or PM so I know you got it.

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Just a reminder that signups for [community profile] morepolitics (a fic, art and podfic fest celebrating Bernice Summerfield and the Gallifrey audios) close tomorrow. Sign up here with DW or OpenID.

Date change

Jan. 2nd, 2013 02:15 pm
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Just a quick note to say:

I've changed the hand-in days to the 23rd-25th of February, as I realised that Gallifrey One is taking place the previous weekend. While double-Gallifrey amused me, I thought it was probably best to give people an extra week in case they wanted to do both.
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Signups for the Gallifreyathon 2013 are OPEN.

You'll find the sign-up form below. Submit your form, with the types of fic or art or podfic you want to create and receive, by Friday the 11th of January. After that, all the forms will be shuffled and you'll receive at least three prompts for fic or art or at least one for podfic from which to choose your project.

How to sign up:

1: READ THE RULES. If you have any questions, the answer's probably in the rules. If it isn't, leave a comment.

2: FILL OUT THE FORM. There are separate forms for art and fic and podfic, all of which can be copypasted from the text box below. You can request art, fic, podfic, or any of the above, and sign up to produce fic, art, podfic, or any of the above. You can make three fic prompt requests and/or three art prompts and/or some podfic prompts, but will only have to answer one (even if you agree to produce any of the genres). There are prompt guidelines in the rules.

3: SUBMIT THE FORM in a comment to this post. All comments will be screened, to protect your privacy and keep you all in suspense.

4: Your prompts should arrive by 18th January (if not sooner) for a hand-in date range of 23rd to the 25th of February.

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Hi all-

Two and a half announcements (and I'm sorry if you've seen this across all my other comms by now).

1. [ profile] morepolitics will run again next year, in roughly the same spot (sign-ups starting at around January the 20th).

1.5 This year it will not only be a Gallifrey fest! You can also sign up to write or request Benny stuff (that's fic, art or podfic). Benny's canon is a little more tricky than Gallifrey's, so you will also be given the option of specifying how much you're familiar with. Or opting out of Benny (or Gallifrey) full stop.

2. We are partnered with [ profile] eve11's friending meme 'Come Along'. Find more LJ friends who are interested in Narvin there! (potentially).
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Probably, anyway. Always happy to accept new entries.

Check it out in its probably-completed form here.

--9 fics.
--9 pieces of fanart.


Apr. 30th, 2012 12:05 pm
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I really wanted to contribute to this awesome fest, and to thank the pinch-hitter who picked up the assignment I was unable to fill, so I promised podfic. I didn't think it would be quite so horrifically late. Thanks to the authors who wrote these fics and kindly gave their permission for these to be recorded.

Six podfics over at my journal
[identity profile]
Title: The Tangled Web of Time
Wordcount: 6023
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Narvin, Torvald, original character, and a couple surprises
Prompt(s): Prompt by [ profile] alibi_factory: Pretend the CIA is a functional organization that’s as manipulative, mysterious, and scary as the writers tell us it is. History is re-written, criminals are Oublietted, bribes are accepted, wires are tapped, Free Time activists suppressed. Can be as gen or sexy as you like.
Notes: Unbeta-ed and horrifically late. I hope it's acceptable.

Fic be here. )
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Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
Title: Messing About on the Computer-Generated River
Wordcount: 2000 odd
Rating: PG
Characters: Romana, Eight, Brax (briefly)
Prompt(s): Written for [ profile] bardingtide's [ profile] morepolitics prompt: The Eighth Doctor appears and spirits Romana away from an official event so they can go have a picnic.

Fic is here
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Title: A New Refutation of Time
Rating: PG
Length: 2883 words
Characters: Brax
Recipient: [ profile] atraphoenix, who asked for a story about Brax being the Lord Burner and not killing the Doctor and Susan.

Thanks for [ profile] x_los for beta-ing this and also for Aunt Flavia, and to [ profile] aralias for also beta-ing this and organizing the gallifreyathon and then listening to me whine about it a lot. The cut text is brought to you by Jose Luis Borges, and so is the title.

Time is the substance from which I am made. Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.
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Hello hello! It is now Tuesday! (It's Tuesday where I am, anyway). That means that the Gallifreyathon is now 'officially' over. It's not over, really, though, because we still have plenty of stuff to come. I just thought I'd update you as to the status of things.

The Masterlist is here.
Currently it features 6 fics and 2 fanart entries. I'll give all the links I've got so far to [ profile] who_daily now, so they'll go into tonight's edition.

Well done everyone!

Fics/art/podfic still outstanding
- [ profile] bagheera_san is writing for [ profile] atraphoenix and is running late. This fic should be posted in the next few days.
- Fics for [ profile] bardingtide and [ profile] alibi_factory are currently being written by pinchhitters. These fics could and should go up any time before the 24th of March. Hopefully sooner.
- There should be at least some bonus podfic being produced
- There may be some more bonus fic and/or art being produced

Since the fest has officially closed, please post everything you make directly to the comm (as you would anywhere else), rather than just as a comment to the masterlist (comment as well - it's useful).
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DON'T PANIC. The end deadline is still Monday. I just thought I'd post the master list early, because, well, I've finished my fic early, and I thought, Why not? I am presid- er, the mod. Perhaps a responsible mod would not do this, but I learned responsibility from the Doctor, not Narvin. If you, too, wish to post early, that's fine. Indeed, encouraged!

This list will be continually updated as more fic, art and podfic comes in.

Pinch-hits will go up some time between now and the 24th of March.

Stuff about the masterlist:

After you've posted your work at your own journal/wherever, please comment with the following information, so it can be linked below:

Your LJ name
A direct link to your story/art/podfic (no a href tags, just http//: etc)
Main characters and rating
Who you created it for

Cross-posting is encouraged!


The Importance of Being On Stage by [ profile] aralias for [ profile] bagheera_san [Brax, Romana, Narvin, Leela, Eight. Some Brax/Romana | PG]
Bro Times by [ profile] bardingtide for [ profile] aralias [Brax, Eight | PG]
Unholy Alliance by [ profile] bardingtide for [ profile] aralias [Brax, Master | PG]
Of Course by [ profile] janeturenne for [ profile] tardiscrash [Romana/Narvin, Leela | PG]
Drawing Dead by [ profile] alibi_factory for [ profile] neveralarch [Brax, Romana, Narvin, Leela | R]
The Very Model by [ profile] neveralarch for [ profile] hoshinekoyasha [Ensemble - mainly Romana, Brax, Narvin, Leela | PG]
A New Refutation of Time by [ profile] bagheera_san for [ profile] atraphoenix [Brax | PG]
Messing About on the Computer-Generated River by [ profile] aralias for [ profile] bardingtide [Romana, Eight, Brax | PG]
The Tangled Web of Time by [ profile] yoshimonkey for [ profile] alibi_factory [Narvin, Torvald, others | PG-13]

Romana/Narvin, opening of series 4, genderswap! by [ profile] hoshinekoyasha for [ profile] janeturenne [Romana/Narvin, Romana/Brax and Narvin/Leela, and gen | G]
Romana in historical costume by [ profile] tardiscrash for [ profile] agapi42 [Romana | G]

A Time of Mourning written by [ profile] janeturenne, read by [ profile] agapi42 [K-9 II, Leela | G]
Amalgamation written by [ profile] neveralarch, read by [ profile] agapi42 [Torvald, Andred | G]
Different Men written by [ profile] janeturenne, read by [ profile] agapi42 [Andred/Leela | PG-13]
Smile (The Contrast Remix) written and read by [ profile] agapi42 [Narvin/Romana II, implied Four/Romana | G]
The Little Orange Planet written by [ profile] yoshimonkey read by [ profile] agapi42 [Romana II, Narvin, Torvald, Brax, OC | G]
Time Changes written and read by [ profile] agapi42 [Brax, Narvin]

(I am expecting entries in all three categories! Please let me know if you're not going to make the Monday 27th deadline, and you haven't already said something to me about it).
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Currently looking for 1+ fic pinch hitter(s) to participate in the Gallifreyathon. You don't need to have been signed up for the first round, just willing to produce a fic based on one of three prompts before the 24th of March. If you could get your fic done by Monday the 27th (the main fest deadline) that would be splendiferous, but point is to produce some lovely Gallifrey fic, rather than to adhere to a deadline.

The prompts I've got are relatively wide ranging. You don't have to have heard series 4.

If you're interested please PM me or email

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