Mar. 12th, 2013

Pinch Hit

Mar. 12th, 2013 12:23 pm
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Hello! If you've been enjoying watching the challenge, but have not
participated, here's your chance! We need one nice, easy pinch-hit for
a participating writer.

If you agree to pinch hit, your fic or art doesn't need to be in until
April 12th.


* Fic Prompt 1: Age of Sail AU! Get Brax in there as an
oh-so-civilised but still infamous privateer, Narvin as ye old Naval
officer with a stick up his arse. Leela as a terrifying pirate
captain. Points if Leela is mixed-race and grew up in one of the
Caribbean tribes (Carib, Arawak, Caquetio, etc), and therefore has
righteous rage against the colonising European bastards. Or not, if
you don't want to delve into, you know, serious issues of historical
racism. It could be a romp instead! I have no idea how to get Romana
in there; I will leave that up to you.

* Fic Prompt 2: Politics-- council meetings, addresses, debates-- with
one of the other OT4 under the table trying their very hardest to
break the other's concentration. Any pairing you fancy; go wild.

* Fic Prompt 3: Leela and Narvin somehow being stuck out in the wild.
Maybe they're on a mission to somewhere off-world and get stuck, maybe
it's during S4 with the Gallifrey-hopping, but the upshot is that
Leela has to teach Narvin how to not get either of them killed.


* Art Prompt 1: I actually would love to see an Age of Sail AU in art
too. Because costume!porn.

* Art Prompt 2: Leela/Brax, in the form of Leela curled around behind
him with her knife to his throat. Omnom, kinky

* Art Prompt 3: AUs and costume!porn apparently, are my thing right
now, but I really want to see Romana and Leela out on the town in the
20's. The boys can join if they want,

Contact me via comment or DM before March 15th if you'd like to give it a go.




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