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Signups for the Gallifreyathon 2013 are OPEN.

You'll find the sign-up form below. Submit your form, with the types of fic or art or podfic you want to create and receive, by Friday the 11th of January. After that, all the forms will be shuffled and you'll receive at least three prompts for fic or art or at least one for podfic from which to choose your project.

How to sign up:

1: READ THE RULES. If you have any questions, the answer's probably in the rules. If it isn't, leave a comment.

2: FILL OUT THE FORM. There are separate forms for art and fic and podfic, all of which can be copypasted from the text box below. You can request art, fic, podfic, or any of the above, and sign up to produce fic, art, podfic, or any of the above. You can make three fic prompt requests and/or three art prompts and/or some podfic prompts, but will only have to answer one (even if you agree to produce any of the genres). There are prompt guidelines in the rules.

3: SUBMIT THE FORM in a comment to this post. All comments will be screened, to protect your privacy and keep you all in suspense.

4: Your prompts should arrive by 18th January (if not sooner) for a hand-in date range of 23rd to the 25th of February.

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