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Name:MorePolitics: The Gallifrey(and Benny)athon
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A fandom fest for the Big Finish audio series 'Gallifrey', and the Big Finish audio series and the Virgin books about Bernice Summerfield

This time the fest is being hosted on Dreamwidth (i.e. right here! You are in the right place. Lucky you.)

Sign-ups are now OPEN.
All fic, art, and podfics to be posted between the 23rd and 25th of February

Some useful links:

The masterlist for the 2011 fest is here. The unclaimed prompts for both fic and art can be found here.
The masterlist for the 2012 fest is here.

Your mod/Madam President/Imperiatrix is [personal profile] aralias. Please PM her (that is to say, me) if you have any questions (unless they are 'why are you so lame?', variations of).
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