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More Politics 2017

Yes, unlike Narvin, More Politics has regenerated!  I'll be taking over from Aralias and since the fandom’s changed and grown since 2013, this exchange will also be a little different. It'll be hosted on Ao3, through their Collection mechanism but I'll be posting updates and answering questions on both this and the tumblr blog. 

·         March 1st: Sign Ups Open

·         March 14th: Sign Ups Close

·         March 15th- 21stAssignments go out

·         April 25th: Assignments due

·         May 2nd: Pinch Hits due

·         May 9th: Story Reveals (may change if pinch hits need more time, I’d like to ensure everyone has at least one gift before going live)

Want to know more? Check out the new Rules and FAQ  before signing up